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Predictive environmental understanding
John Quinn
Principal Hydrogeology Specialist
Hydrology, Remediation, and Risk-based Restoration Department
  • Ph.D., Hydrogeology, University of Minnesota, 2009.
  • B.S.E., Geo-Engineering, Purdue University, 1988.
Current Role
Principal Hydrogeologist. Focus area leader in Groundwater Resources and Site Remediation.
Conceptual and numerical modeling of groundwater systems, three-dimensional scientific visualization of subsurface data and modeling results, and contaminant transport modeling. Phytoremediation system design, bioenergy analysis, assessment of remediation systems and natural attenuation, decision-making for long-term monitoring. Geostatistics and uncertainty assessment, including use of statistical/geostatistical methods in probabilistic estimation of radiologically contaminated soil volumes, modeling of complex aquifer-aquitard relationships, and assessment of flow model uncertainty. Water resources investigations, wellhead protection zone delineation, stormwater and flooding analyses, GIS. Environmental impacts of the energy-water nexus, especially for nuclear power plants, utility-scale solar energy, NORM, oil shale, and tar sands. Project management. State-licensed professional engineer.
Career Highlights
  • Principal investigator: Development of a probabilistic wellhead protection zone in a complex glacial-drift setting. Evaluations of flooding hazards at nuclear power plants. Formerly Used Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP).
  • Lead hydrogeologist and modeler: Argonne's phytoremediation site.
  • Panelist: U.S. Government Accountability Office study of tritium leaks at nuclear power plants.
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